Buzz – 15 year old 9 hands tall

Buzz is looking for a cowboy or cowgirl for our show this Saturday and for a new home.

Buzz is 15 years old, 9 hands and a bundle of fun!

Buzz has been used for lead line and for kids to ride by themselves. Buzz is a gentle little guy that we used for Lessons and personally for my 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter.

Buzz is offered for sale for $2000

Buzz is used for lessons for:

  • Lead line lessons
  • Learning how to work a pony/horse in the round pen.
  • Ground work
  • Learning and improving your skills with the game events
  • Beginner riding lessons
  • Buzz can also be rented for horse shows that we put on or that we are driving to.

Lessons are $35 per hour with Buzz. Email Julie to schedule your next lesson or call or text: 715-554-3460