Equine / Horse Massage

Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Improve your horses performance and balance!
Certified by Equissage, Inc.
  • Serving Minnesota & Wisconsin
  • Available for House, Stable, Show Calls and Clinics

Let us come to you and show you the benefits of a sports massage soon!

Does your horse have problems with…..
Balance & Coordination
Bending & Flexing
Girth Discomfort
“Off” for no apparent reason
Improper or Switching Leads
Sore Back/Dropping Shoulder
Turning on Front End
to name a few..

If it’s muscle related, we can help!

Email or call for an evaluation.
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Website: HorseMassage.net


Note: Equine Sports Massage Therapy is not an alternative to veterinary medicine., it does not diagnose, nor prescribe.