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Hours: By Appointment &
Last Wednesday of the Month Noon to 4PM (besides December). In December we are open the Wednesday before Christmas


Location: 34 West Main Street, Milltown, WI 54858

Local Beef Milltown WI @ JJ Livestock

You’ll find no shortage of bulk meat here! At JJ Livestock, we raise quality Angus & Holstein steers. When we say quality, we mean responsible, sustainable, and well-cared for animals. We mean Johnson beef, our name backing our claim. We mean excellent cuts of beef to feed your family. We mean business when it comes to bulk meat and good beef. 

Because we’re meticulous in the care of our animals and because we want to make sure you’ve got meat in the freezer for the year to come, we’re asking you to reserve that quarter, half, or whole beef today. Get it checked off your to-do list and never worry about purchasing overpriced and underwhelming beef from the grocery store again. When you purchase bulk meat, you put food in your freezer for months to come.

Are you looking to get bulk meat but really only want ground beef? We can do that! Stock your freezer with high-quality ground beef from our locally raised Johnson beef cattle. Get started right here.

Our $200 package is the sweet spot for our clients with smaller freezers or smaller beef eaters (we’re here for all of you!). With 24 pounds of ground beef, 6 pounds of a variety of steaks (mouthwatering ribeyes, sirloins, and t-bones), and 3 pounds of delectable roasts, you’ll have yourself a good nest egg of bulk meat.

If you’re not quite needing a quarter beef but looking for more than our $200 package offers, then this bulk meat package is the one for you. Get a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef to fill out your freezer for the coming season. When it comes to nourishing food, Johnson beef from JJ Livestock takes the cake, or perhaps the steak as it were.

Questions about Johnson beef, buying in bulk, or getting your bulk beef reserved today? We’re here for that and would love to help you get your freezer packed for the coming season.
Call/Text: 715-554-3460 or send us a message: JJLivestockWI@gmail.com