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Welcome to JJ Livestock – Balsam Lake, WI

JJ Livestock is owned and managed by Julie & Josh Johnson!

Josh and Julie grew up around farms; however their parents did not continue milking cows. Josh and Julie decided to get back into raising calves because of all the request for team penning at their families JJ Arena facility. In the Fall of 2008 we started out with 15 Holstein calves. We knew they would not be as fast and strong as other beef; however they where in our budget. Now in 2014 we raise from bottle to finished around 75 Holstein Steers every year and are starting a cow calf operation. Summer of 2013 was our the first year with 4 cows in our cow calf operation and Spring 2014 we will have 12 cow calf pairs!

Julie Johnson is an Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Web Designer, and a horse trainer that has trained many colts from scratch to barrel, trail, kids and game horses. Her specialty is training horses, helping clients get along with their horses, fixing problem horses, and helping clients find horses that fit them and are in their budget.

Josie, Josh and Cactus

Julie received her Equine Sports Massage Certification from Equessage in Round Hill, VA