We take pride in our commitment to raising healthy cattle, ensuring the highest quality beef for sale, delivered directly from our farm to your table.


JJ Livestock is owned and managed by Julie & Josh Johnson!

We are open by appointment at our store location:
34 West Main St, Milltown, WI 54858

Next to the Hardware Store - across from Hacks and Wise Guys

Our farm is 5.3 miles East of Balsam Lake, WI.

Josh and Julie, with their upbringing around farms, witnessed a departure from milking cows by their parents. However, spurred by the demand for team penning at their families' JJ Arena facility, the duo decided to reenter the realm of raising calves. In the Fall of 2008, they initiated their endeavor with 15 Holstein calves. Fast forward to 2015, and their operation had grown, nurturing around 80 Holstein Steers from bottle to finished product, alongside approximately 40 cow-calf operations. The following year, in 2016, they successfully finished over 100 Steers. By 2018, their cattle count had surged to over 250, marking a rapid expansion of their cow-calf operation. For those interested, there's currently beef for sale as well.

JJ LivestockOur kids Josie and Jace are starting to get more involved and are in charge of naming each calf, we have the Seven Drawfs, Frozen characters and you name it will have a calf named after it.